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A creative space for emerging BlPOC storytellers to connect, create, and collaborate.


A Diverse Universe of Storytellers


About Us

Born out of a passion for amplifying diverse voices through storytelling, the StoryVerse is a creative space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to connect, create, and collaborate. 

StoryVerse Collective offers writers, directors, multi-disciplinary artists, musicians, and diverse storytellers access to storytelling workshops, showcases, labs, programs, and mentorship along with a community of emerging BIPOC storytellers.   

Our Vision

Stories Told By & About Us

We envision a space where BIPOC storytellers from all backgrounds have access to the guidance, resources, and tools they need to create exceptional work and build meaningful careers by way of telling their stories and amplifying their voices.

Our Approach

Fostering Community & Inclusion

StoryVerse provides mentorship, project consultation, and professional development services to diverse storytellers, with a particular emphasis on identifying and supporting those whose voices and stories are underrepresented in the industry.

We further our mission with collaborative, community-driven programs and initiatives designed to produce more economic and creative opportunities for all BIPOC storytellers.

Join StoryVerse Collective & Gain Access To:


Monthly Storytellers Workshops + Masterclasses — Screenwriting, Pitch to Produce, Fundraising, Multimedia Art, Music and more! 


Exclusive Access to Live Virtual Events — Q&A's with Industry Leaders, Deep Dive Conversations with Emerging BIPOC Storytellers and more! 

Collaboration Hubs

Creative Collaboration with Fellow Emerging BIPOC Storytellers  — 


Monthly Virtual Creative Coffee Circles — a space for authentic connection, thought-provoking conversation, and collaboration for works.  

Professional Development

Bi-weekly newsletter Curated for emerging BIPOC storytellers with a round-up of upcoming storytelling workshops, fellowships, grants, resources, jobs, tips and beyond!  

Workbooks, journals, and Creativity In Motion Wellness Sessions to promote creativity.

1-on-1 Feedback on Works In Progress 


Share your work with a community of supportive storytellers, dissect + discuss groundbreaking stories, and give + receive insightful feedback. 


Monthly Storytelling Challenges — Screenwriting, Short Films, Writing Prompts, Music + Songs, Art Displays & Beyond. 


Supportive, Diverse Community of Storytellers  — Group discussions + meetings within your respective area of expertise and peer mentorship between community members. Reach out directly and message community members to meet with and/or book talent for work on your upcoming projects.

Became an Inaugural Member Today & Get the First Month of Your Membership FREE! 

As part of our launch, we would like to offer our inaugural StoryVerse Collective members one month of free access to our community, workshops, and events. Through this initiative, you will also be named as a Founding Member of the StoryVerse Collective along with gaining access to a network of diverse storytellers, workshops, resources, and more! 

Help to Grow Our Community

When you share the StoryVerse Collective with a fellow storyteller friend or family member, you help to expand our community of storytellers and further our mission of amplifying diverse voices. Sharing the collective takes less than a minute, and will forever impact the life of a BIPOC storyteller. Simply share this link here.

Thank you for all of your help and support! We look forward to building an authentic connection with you and growing our community of diverse storytellers.